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Williams Clearview is family owned and operated out of North Texas, USA.

Bob Williams,
Clearview Inventor



As a Texas A&M graduate with a degree in  Agronomy, Tommy spent 10 years in west Texas farming operations including water irrigation systems.  Tommy's additional 45 years of work in the home repair industry in North Texas, 40 of which he also worked along side his dad, Bob Williams, the Clearview inventor, have sharpened his skills in rural water systems and operations.  Tommy builds each Clearview unit and thoroughly  tests each and every one prior to shipping to our customers.

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With a 30 year career in the legal industry and 5 years as owner/operator of an interior painting business, MaryNell has ample experience in the marketplace and now provides administrative support for the family business.  She and Tommy enjoy working together using each other's strengths to complement the other's.  MaryNell is happy to assist you with invoicing and tax related documents. 

Our collaborators

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