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Williams Clearview installed inside pumphouse.


The Clearview displays a 'clear view' of your pressure tank water depth and allows for pumps to activate according to the specific settings of the adjustable electrodes.   When the water reaches a specific level, the electrodes signals a controller which activates up to 3 pumps to automatically adjust the water level with no direct action on your part.  Install the Clearview inside your pumphouse and stay out of the weather while it works for you.

The Clearview is $1,500USD.

The SONAR-enabled Clearview is the same price.

3 year conditional warranty.

Self Installation Guide

Self installation of the Clearview is made easy with our helpful installation guide included free with your purchase. 

Built To Last

Constructed with high quality materials and according to exact specifications, your Clearview is guaranteed for 3 years after purchase.

Call  Tommy @ 972-824-4358 for product details!

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